Jay Okimoto

Crosswalk Technologies, Inc.

1441 East 7th Street

Tucson, Arizona 85702


Technology Consulting Services

Infrastructure auditing and inventory (ROI)

Systems upgrade planning

Disaster recovery management

Single and multi-site network planning

Best-fit Internet services selection

HIPAA security planning and auditing

Workflow process technology integration

Network and physical security evaluation and planning

Telecommunications (voice, fax, data) consulting.


Business Applications

Business software evaluation and planning

Microsoft Office suite user training

Business e-mail services (name@yourcompany.com)

Portable and Mobile Computing Technology

Digital device user training (cameras, scanners, etc...)

Computer-based retail point-of-sales

Manager-controlled web-usage auditing and filtering

Quickbooks Pro Advisor Support and Bookkeeping Services



Security/Surveillance Technology

Environment evaluation and planning

Plain-view and covert camera systems

Black&white and color camera systems

Standard, low-light, and high-resolution systems

Infared illumination systems

CRT and LCD monitoring stations

Wired and wireless surveillance technology

Traditional tape and computer-based image archiving

Internet-based surveillance video feed access

Independent power-source provisioning

Biometic sensor and SMART-card key systems




Desktops and Printers

Hardware repair and installation

Microsoft Windows Systems

Specialty and custom systems available

Windows user training

Application training (CD “burning”, anti-virus, etc...)

PC and network-based printer installations



Servers and Data Storage

Hardware repair and installation

Microsoft Windows Systems

Single and multi-domain networks

Centralized data back-up and redundancy systems

Server-managed desktop anti-virus systems

SAN and NAS storage technology

We understand the necessity of computers and technology in the business environment...


We also understand you never expected to learn so many time consuming "computer things" that have no significance whatsoever to your production...


Listen, we understand the realities of business technology: keep the servers and desktops from crashing, automate backups and maintenance as much as possible, train staff realistically on key items that allow them to do their work, all without having to apply for a second mortgage to pay the bill...


We are a technology-savvy, no-nonsense business management firm that understands workflow efficiency, budget constraints, staff training challenges, and maximizing your current technology before recommending you buy more "stuff"...


 ... you see, we do understand